Legend of Jones Ferry

  • Pvt. Ervin O. Jones (1924-1945)

    Pvt. Ervin O. Jones (1924-1945)

    77th Infantry, Pacific War Harmon and Jennie had created a beautiful family of spirited children with not only strong young men, but they were also graced with beautiful girls. The family were nestled in their grandfather’s original homestead of Johns Creek where they enjoyed a society of their own surrounded by relatives and longtime friends.…

  • Thomas Jones (1790-1838)

    Thomas Jones (1790-1838)

    Return to Georgia The tall, 19-year-old man cautiously dismounted his horse and stood silently, observing the Creek boys as they darted through the densely wooded ridge above him. Clad in his traditional Quaker attire, Thomas Jones blended harmoniously into the natural surroundings, as Quakers typically favored subdued colors. Having grown up traveling various regions during…

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